Chris Sarchet Bell created one of the biggest event brands in the United Kingdom, Shutdown events. This event is targeted at grasping the interest of the U18s audience by teaching them how to have fun without necessarily being intoxicated. So far, the events have been able to achieve this, as they have grown exponentially by creating a brand that is recognized on the local and global stage.

Chris Sarchet Bell believes that kids and young adults are essential to the growth and stability of the entertainment industry. He believes that it is important to tap into the energy of the younger market and help to prepare them for the entertainment that the nightlife industry has for them.

The events organized by CSB and his team teach these young adults how to be leaders and influencers in their ways. As seen in Shutdown Events social media pages, young adults are celebrated for their uniqueness and creativity. For instance, the status of an “influencer” is awarded to young adults who merit the status because of certain charismatic character and quality they possess. This action will spur the creative level of other teenagers and kids who want to attain this status.

Shutdown rapidly made a name for itself and began to attract enough clients from in and out of the town. Each event got people talking more about the thrilling experience they witnessed and within six months Shutdown branched into a second area. Their reputation grew quickly that in the space of eight months, they had branched into four more cities and towns. It dawned on them that they had created something special. A new wave of events that was trusted by clients and parents, as well as gaining the support of the police and local council.

Within six months, the brand had branched into a second area and with a growing reputation, they followed it up with the addition of four towns in just eight months.

At this point, the buzz about Shutdown’s success had already begun, and they turned into the biggest U18s driving brand in the United Kingdom. This reputation has been recognized nationwide as Chris and his team go on tour from one end of the country to the other, creating events and occasions. Also, the events usually host top celebrities and superstars, as it is an opportunity to work together as a unified entertainment industry.

Chris Sarchet Bell, through Shutdown  has impacted the new generation of teenagers and young adults in a vital way. He has successfully passed out the message in educating kids and teenagers that they do not need to get drunk to experience fun or have a good time. This message is coming in at a point where the intoxication is seen as a norm.

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