I believe it’s a quite sure thing that in the event that you raise Black TV signature melodies, the subject from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air comes up right away. In case it’s not your top pick, it’s essentially on the Mt. Rushmore of Black TV signature melodies. In any case, what might round out the other three? I feel that is a considerably more troublesome conversation. What’s more, a much funner one. For The Black Mainstream’s last video in this series, everyone plunked down and discussed the best signature tunes, the most noticeably terrible signature tunes and Michael Harriot in a real sense got off the most noticeably awful remove his profession. I ain’t saying the brotha will be dropped yet I am saying I will begin drug testing people before we film from now on.

And keeping in mind that we’re here, Law Ware, whom I love beyond all doubt as a companion and essayist, has a fascinating, 1 of 1, take in with the general mish-mash about the Family Matters signature tune. Incidentally, he may be the one Black individual in America who cherishes that joint.

We talk Black children’s show signature tunes and the best non-Black show signature tunes which I figure we would all be able to concur starts and finishes with Golden Girls. Look at this most recent video for The Black Mainstream, get into these Black TV signature tunes and bop through a world of fond memories. Network shows I hadn’t considered in years were referenced however I’m certain there are parcels that could make it into the discussion about Black TV signature melodies.

So get down with some Black signature tune bops. What’s more, thank you for being a companion.

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