K-Pop superstars, BTS, and their management organization, Big Hit Entertainment, have donated $1 million to the Black Lives Matter movement, an agent affirmed to Variety.

BTS and Big Hit are not expected to comment on the donation yet Black Lives Matter managing director Kailee Scales addressed Variety about the group’s contribution.

“Black people all over the world are in pain at this moment from the trauma of centuries of oppression,” Scales said. “We are moved by the generosity of BTS and allies all over the world who stand in solidarity in the fight for Black lives.”

BTS sent out a tweet on Thursday in which they remained in solidarity with those looking for equity for George Floyd’s murder.

“We stand against racial discrimination. We condemn violence,” the tweet reads. “You, I and we all have the right to be respected. We will stand together.”

The K-Pop community has accumulated on the side of the Black Lives Matter movement since Floyd’s passing and following uprisings began to stand out as truly newsworthy. Not only have artists like BTS, Mark Tuan, and Jay Park gave to different causes, yet K-Pop stans have used their aggregate presence to overshadow prejudice.

In light of Black Lives Matter, the White Lives Matter hashtag began to show up via social media. When this got known, K-Pop fan began to spam the hashtag with fancams of their preferred artists. The abundance of videos overwhelmed any supremacist talk that could have been promoted through the hashtag.

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