Who knew that the world would have changed to such a large extent in 2020 due to Covid-19. The life of every single human being has readjusted by the inclusion of new habits of social distancing, wearing of face masks, and sanitizing hands continuously after some time.

Like every country on the planet, United States suffered a complete lockdown with its economy largely disturbed, resulting in huge financial threats to thousands of artists country-wide. Parents struggled to reshape ways of learning for their children and faced major problems in doing so. In 2020, There was a political and racial division among the people of America.

Whether it was George Floyd who was strangulated to death or AhmaudArbery saving his life while jogging or Law enforcement shooting Rayshard brooks without any regret, the world observed black mothers grieving for their sons in racially divided America.

People have always received a feel of aspiration and assurance through music. During those injustices and inhumane days, educated people were strengthened and took the courage to speak the truth without hesitation or fear courtesy of songs like “Express yourself” sang by NWA. Hip-hop music provides a broad sense of union in revitalizing the youngsters with their traditions and shook the whole of conventional America for a change.

Skorge Da Hoodlum belongs to Pittsburgh, also known as ‘PISTOLVANIA.’ The major recording artist and entrepreneur depicts the street’s civilization immersed with hustlers’ desires through his music. He carried his sufferings and wounds into his life, music, and vision.

Skorge Da Hoodlum continues the honor of roaming around Pittsburgh fearlessly. His music influenced many and was easily understood by every hustler, street legend hence every commoner of his city. He provided them with the necessary optimism and hoped to travel along the course of ambition. Pittsburgh became famous by a new name, ‘Pistolvania’ Skorge Da Hoodlum is the voice FOR RADIOPUSHERS and CEO of T4YENT worldwide.