If you’re a Millennial who wants to be a music icon, you’re in for a rough ride. Many obstacles must be overcome for your ambition of becoming a celebrity to become a reality. There will be a lack of competent counsel, dishonesty, double-dealing, and financial boobytraps to deal with. Due to a lack of expertise and advice, beginner musicians who want to make it big in the music industry must rely on social media or Google to get ahead.

However, all they come across are organizations that want complete confidence and payment up in advance. Young artists’ enthusiasm tempts them to trust these firms blindly, and most of the time, they lose a lot of money, faith, and, eventually, their passion.

All these problems were in the mind of Samantha Patience Jay when she created a new line of monetization for music Millennials. Samantha is president of global partnership and digital brand management at Radiopushers, the leading music and TV network for young Millennial musicians.

Patience’s primary focus is on collaborative marketing and monetizable solutions for music millennials. She has been busy establishing professional advertising to help young stunners to advance their musical career.

Patience Jay creates engaging digital tactics for music millennials that help them build a trustworthy brand outside of music. Patience Jay’s expertise in digital marketing allows her to provide ideal merchandising solutions.

Integrating powerful sponsors with talented artists and brands requires a unique blend of striking coordination and faultless implementation; having all these traits enables Jay to connect with people. For Music Millennials, her ability to blend ambition and intuition delivers an unrivaled marketing experience. 

Samantha’s vision is to guide passionate young artists to become financially independent and have proper knowledge of succeeding in this industry and making their mark. She wants young buds to realize their potential and achieve their dreams. She is a name of trust in the music industry. Patience Jay is also the SVP of ‘Dreamhustlewin’ University and RADIOPUSHERS, an institution that provides one-on-one zoom calls and phone consultations to guide newbie artists. Indie artists contact her by text, FaceTime, Zoom, or by driving up to her office for career counseling, personal training, and social interactions. 

Samantha has had a long and successful career in the entertainment industry, spanning more than ten years. From her initial periods as a celebrity booking agent to a financial advisor for up-and-coming Indie artists, she’s done it all. Her impact on the music industry is well-known, and she has a lengthy record of business accomplishments to her credit.