What precisely is the role of a producer? Why, more at this issue, are there that many distinct sorts of producers in filmmaking, television, and video? Do you understand the distinction between a producer and an executive producer? Some of the differences won’t be obvious but knowing who controls what is critical for any TV or film professional.

Jr. Michael

Jr. Michael is a Director/ Actor who works independently. In 1982, Michael was born in New York City’s Queens. He is enthralled by his desire to create films and to appear in them. He began performing when he was ten years old and continued throughout high school. He used to make up fictitious tales, short stories, and fiction based concepts from his dreams. He finished high school and enrolled in college to study films and the industry’s side. He finished his training in the production of television films and programs. As a result, he is a seasoned professional in this field. He is passionate about filmmaking.

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While being a Coffee Indie Filmmaker!

Brick House Pictures

Brick house pictures began off as a vision. The independent productions firm continues to develop and engage with new projects that deal with various aspects of the entertainment industry as it grows.

The film ‘Night Fall.’

He is the director and creator of the TV Series Nightfall, in which he also stars as a prominent character “JackWalker”. Crime, human trafficking, and sex trafficking are all topics addressed in the film.

He has brought attention to the subject of human trafficking in this series. Human trafficking is the term used to describe the illegal trading of people. It implies that individuals are sold and purchased, and transferred from one location to another without the consent of the law. These individuals are compelled to work or are subjected to prostitution or sexual slavery. It may take place both inside and outside of a nation. It is a regular occurrence of transnationality. It is conduct that is humiliating. Victims being exploited and subjected to physical, psychological, and sexual torment. This human trafficking is quite humiliating. Human smuggling takes the lives of children, teenagers, mothers, and the elderly.

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What is the best way to get in touch with Jr. Michael?

It’s simple and straightforward to find him on Instagram.

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