German prodigy Poldi aka Leopold Karrer is currently making waves with his contemporary conscious rap. Putting he finger in the wound of our society, his musical delivery approaches urgent questions.

We’re taking a look at the current hip-hop scene, that despite the highest ever influence on mainstream music and culture, is leaving a few questions about its future. A lack of authenticity, and too much ‘show-boating’ is something that the industry is often accused of, but with more rappers like Poldi that could change. From listening to Poldi and what he stands for, it quickly becomes clear that he is not just saying these things lightly, but he is generally basing his material around these values.

It is also about how he wants to interact with his fans that stand out. He wants to have a deeper connection with them by approaching topics that will actually mean something to them, as opposed to boasting or showing off about all the materialistic processions that they own! Poldi is certainty coming across as a breath of fresh air, and make no mistake
about his ability to lay down the bars, as he clearly puts down his values into words and music. So what led Poldi down the path he is now on?

The German rapper grew up listening to what we would now think of as old school rap, and he has taken the values he learned from that music to this day. He is signed by 99 Problemz Music and he details how he does not want to be just another rapper rapping about shallow things, with material only lasting the short term, and a career that quickly fades. He wants to focus on these subjects that mean something to people and go against the common grain of words lacking authenticity and depth. He wants to explore topics that resonate with his audience, as he says so himself ‘It’s not about showing off. I want people to feel as if we’re on the same level and have similar issues. There wouldn’t be a point in talking about a lifestyle I don’t care about. I want people to know that I actually care about my listeners and the subjects I speak upon. This provides a special connection between the listener and the artist, which bragging about my wealth just won’t cut.’. So we can see that this newcomer has a solid direction, great talent and
a very promising career ahead.

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