Scooter Page is a rising artist with an EP on the way and a growing buzz. With a lot of exciting music being released, getting some radio play, and some manifesting opportunities, his name is one you will know soon if you don’t already.

Scooter is an artist in all senses of the word whose main focus is on freedom of expression which is on full display in his music. When it comes to defining his music and genre, he had this to say.

“I’m a Genre-less artist which means I do; rock, pop, dance, soul, etc., you name it! Music is a mood to me, not a genre. Genres are made for division and music to me brings us together. So I have never identified with a specific genre. I make what I feel and go from there.”

This diversity is evident as you go through his tracklist and it’s incredible to hear. In a world full of artists sounding alike, Scooter has found a way to create a unique. quality sound that plays to a wide variety of fans.

In all honesty, it can be difficult to put into words just how his unique music sounds, but that’s our job. Scooter has released a few singles ahead of his upcoming EP “DANCAPAGELECTROLAND” which is due out 12.10.2020. Let’s take a look at a few of those singles.

First up, is a track titled “Music Mood”. This song starts off with a dark, industrial sound that reverberates through you as you listen to it. As it continues, the song builds in a crescendo and the energy builds up along with it. Then, right as you feel a massive beat drop or hook ready to be dropped on you, you are hit with a funky, almost soulful section that drives home the music mood theme. Scooter finds ways to surprise you and keep you guessing.

From a higher-level perspective, this song is an extremely cool vibe that speaks to the power of music and what it means to Scooter. More importantly, it helps listeners remember why they love this artform.

On the song and it’s meaning, here is what it’s creator had to say:

“This was a courage piece. Lyrically laying out who I am and where I dwell, as opposed to where perception may have me placed”

Earlier this year, Scooter released an animated video for “Music Mood” which you can see here.

On this video, here is what Scooter had to say:

“The video tells the story of who I am and who I’m not. It shows the courage of walking away from what you aren’t and stepping into what you are and could be. “

Another single released in 2020 was Scooter’s track “You’re Me“. This is a fun electronic styled song that showcases a more upbeat sound from him. Honestly, the contrast between these two songs is a perfect representation of the versatility and creativity that embodies his work as a whole.

In a less general sense, this song really showcases Scooter’s vocal versatility. He delivers on a wide range of notes and he really brings passion to this song. The playful bouncing back and forth from heavy dark moments to upbeat, light, pop moments gives the listeners a wild ride to go on.

We asked Scooter about “You’re Me”, and here is what he had to say:

“It’s about the unconscious mind. The dark space where you subconsciously summon your conscious for help. It’s ultimately your choice to respond. But we all ask for help”

Scooter also released a music video for “You’re Me”, which you can check out here.

The upcoming release of Scooter Page’s EP is coming at the perfect time for him. With “Music Mood” getting radio play on ALT 98.7, a growing online fanbase, and a new music video set to drop, the sky is the limit. However, Scooter is not in music for success or goals, he’s in it for the music and the art.

“The only thing I focus on is to have my artistic expression be my main focus and to begin investing in other artists and creators. The freedom to express me and have others receive it, in an unrestricted way is priceless. That’s why I do what I do and that’s the dream.”

Scooter Page is an artist who puts the music first, puts passion into his craft, and both of these things are evident in the music he creates. His dedication to truly being himself and making music that reflects that is both powerful and inspiring.

Scooter Page Crosses Genre Boundaries With New EP

Make sure to check out “DANCAPAGELECTROLAND” when it drops next month.

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