Rahul Joshi aka Logan is the name who makes his nation proud by winning Mr World title in 2016. He is the youngest athlete of India who win maximum number of titles. Rahul Joshi started his career in earlier 2008 by starting workout at home, He said that now days people are doing work from home in their jobs I also do this at earlier stage of my life, In starting years of my career I don’t have that much resources for working out at gym and doing all the activities related to my profession. But only the power of consistency and fire inside me for doing something for nation take me to the Mr World Competition and make me win.

He said that It is not that much hard to achieve something if you adopts two three things in your daily life :

First is “Believe in yourself”
He said that from the very first to the present day many up and down come into my life but the only thing which make me work harder and smarter is the believe in myself, Believe of my parents & my siblings in me is also the thing which helps me to take a step ahead.

Second is the “Power of Consistency”

He said that this habit can completely change everyone’s life. If you adopt this habit in a positive manner and starting work hard consistently than there is nothing in this world which can stop you. This habit is the reason of success for lots of people.

“The last but not the least is the positive nature and how hungry you are for your aim”

As like the two habits of believing in yourself and power of consistency, No one can neglect the power of the positive nature. According to the Youngest Athlete Of India. Everyone should train his mind to make his way of thinking and learning positively. In Body Building you not only train your outer body you also train your brain your inner body, Becuase one can not be 100% sure that he is going to win that competition or lose that one. So In the journey of war called life everyone should train his outer as well as inner body to be positive in every situation of life.

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