Taydee Marie is a renowned music composer and singer. Apart from the above, she has also recently taken up work as an actress and model. She was born on 17th October 1996 in Searcy, AR. Her parents were in ministry by profession and thus, she travelled a lot. The places mostly included Arkansas, Texas and Missouri. Apparently, her mother said that Taydee has been interested in music ever since she was a child. She used to even put up a performance for her family members and friends. Taydee was dyslexic so people thought she could not write. However, she purposely hid the fact that she could very well write because she was conscious of people downgrading her for spelling errors and other issues. However, on sharing her songs, they appreciated it to her surprise. 

On turning fifteen, her parents gifted her a synthesiser for Christmas. She learnt to play the Keyboard solely by following YouTube tutorials. Since then, her interest in music has only grown. She grew multiple hobbies such as writing songs, singing, playing the keyboard, and hiking. Growing up, she never really had a mentor. She learned everything on her own such as playing the piano and expanding her vocals, all from following the channels she liked on Youtube. In that case, she considers YouTube as her mentor. “I’m a true artist, creative, sensitive, emotional and very authentic.” Taydee described herself. Her entire time passes by playing keyboard mostly and she considers Benji, who is her rag doll Cat. 

Taydee went off to pursue her dream in music immediately after graduating high school. When asked about how she deals with difficult situations, Taydee said that she is an intense overthinker. She will psychoanalyze a situation and end up worrying too much about it. After this, she usually ends up composing a song. Music is the sole source of her motivation. She feels that striving to make more good music is the only thing that keeps her going despite witnessing the negative side of the industry. 

Her aim in life is to reach more audiences through her soulful music and become a source of inspiration for the coming generation. She is open to writing songs for other celebrities, films, Tv shows or commercials. Finally, her message to the public is “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” 

There is surely a bright path ahead for this talented young woman. If you wish to know more about Taydee Marie and her journey, we have listed her contact details below: 

Phone number: (805) 387-8784

Website: https://www.taydeemarie.com/