Born on the 11th of February in the year 2000, Shah, although still very young, is not your regular guy who is still studying and confused about his future. He knows what he desires and has what it takes to fulfil them. This is why today Shah is one of the fastest-growing rappers from Belgium. 

Born and bought up in Borgerhout, ANTWERP, Shah in his formative years, was attracted towards music, rapping especially. He enjoys a passion for music, especially in the rap and hip-hop genre ever since childhood. To pursue this dream, Shah decided to quit his school. He says school life is just about teaching you to work under a boss. It is very similar to a 9-5 pattern which ruins our mentality and our outlook towards life. The cubicle culture has killed so many dreams. He did not wish to follow the path everyone was going for. Hence, he made his own path that was unique to him. We are so glad that he chose to follow his dreams otherwise we would miss out on all his wonderful tracks.

He is a calm person and likes to trick difficult situations by being in a Zen state. Shah is a die-hard fan of Tupac and considers him as his idol. He even likes to listen to Eminem too. The fact that he has managed to be his own boss for so long pleases him. Shah never wanted to work under someone else and has successfully managed to pull of the dream which seemed like a long path full of sweat and hard work. He considers himself as his own mentor because he feels no one can know him more than he himself. Today Shah is the creator of his own destiny and can do anything he wishes for. His freedom is his bliss and he wouldn’t trade it for any worldly luxury. 

Shah has more than 1 million views on some of the biggest Dutch music platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. The views have escalated quickly and reached such a whopping number in the span of just 10 months. Shah says that the reason behind his success is because he likes to keep it real and also has the intellect to break the traditional ways of living life. He recommends people follow their own dreams and construct a path that is true to their personality. We are not here to adjust according to the world. Never let anyone tell you which path you have to take!