His creative and unique online marketing strategies and initiatives have enabled him to help thousands of clients.

In today’s era no business can take place in the absence of Digital Media. In In fact each and every business has come together on digital platforms. With the changing time the business also demands changes for better growth and effective consistency. Technologies like- Social media, digital marketing, online marketing has become lifeline for many of the businesses. Technology and business goes hand in hand to attract the massive customers. Online marketing is a big business ocean with numerous online business strategies performing together to achieve the desired results and targeted audience. Meet the new face of online marketing, thrilling everyone with his extra-ordinary skills and creative strategies to promote the business – Chubbs Wilson.

Chubbs is an expert of modern era business concentrating more on digital marketing. This talented mind has made more than 500 brands visible through his amazing skills of online marketing and has given a huge boost to the overall business, which was very closer to liquidation. As he believes traditional marketing method will not work in current times, as technology has played vital role for forming new business strategies and specially youth who firmly believe in digital marketing. To keep the business consistency smooth one has to adopt the new era of business and only adopt but to master the skills required to achieve the target which has been done by Chubbs very amazingly with his tremendous talent of the online marketing domain.  

“Work in silence and let your success make all the noise.” This saying exactly goes through with Chubbs. His proficiency and efficient work strategies have worked very well for many celebrities as well. In his recent work he has catapulted huge celebrity as clients with his connection with managers and booking agents which are part of social media campaigns with famous agencies such as – Go Give Always. Even he has also played a vital role in helping the agency book celebrities such as – Funny Mike, Hennessy Carolina, and even Macro for a growth campaign with Cardi B.

This young talent is setting an example to the upcoming future generation. His sheer hard work and skills has gone long way across the world and working with the biggest brands and helping them with influencing marketing and social media ads. He is also working on some projects on bio medical projects just for betterment of the world and further explores his side of philanthropy.

Do follow his story ahead on Instagram @wilsonstillrunning.

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