Tool put on an epic arena-filling stage show, however they’ve never been ones for pyro. Their vibe is more psychedelic, with hallucinogenic projections and trippy lasers. In 2011, when Maynard, Adam, Justin and Danny played Australia’s Big Day Out celebration, they were to some degree unwilling introduced to the wonders of fire and lots of it by those German masters of conflagration Rammstein. While the latter band’s drummer Christoph Schneider battled Tool’s Danny Carey, Rammstein singer Till Lindemann and guitarist Paul Landers made that big appearance with monstrous blowtorches, blasting flames above the crowd and the instrumentalists, previously setting their bandmate’s kit on fire. Schneider gamely kept on playing until the point that it became impossible, the inferno consuming his drums while the audience lost their minds. The scene was insane enough that Keenan took out out his cellphone to capture it, cracking, “I’m gonna turn these photos in to my lawyer.”

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