This year, it appears that Mariah Carey is ready to start sharing the holiday with her 11-year-old daughter Monroe. For years, Mariah Carey has been the center of attention during the holiday.

When Mariah proudly introduced her daughter, the unrecognized Queen of Christmas looked stunning in matching gowns.

“This is my baby girl, here,” she told the sold-out crowd Friday at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena. “Eleven years ago, I got the greatest gift. You know what, I don’t have birthdays, but the birthing day was the greatest gift ever when I had my twins, Roc and Roe.”

She then revealed that the duo would perform “Away in a Manger,” a well-known Christmas hymn, together: Our first duet is here. Additionally, she stated that while it was their first performance together, they had “been working on this one for a minute.”

Monroe didn’t attempt to join in when her mom began with her particular whistle tones, however they shared a whistle second close to the center of the piece. Is it possible that Monroe inherited her mother’s well-known five-octave range? Regardless of whether she did, she had a beautiful tone of her own that worked beautifully alongside her well-known mother.

Clearly, the audience was in awe of the beautiful mother-daughter duo, and fan-shared videos kept the love going all over social media.

According to Billboard, this was Mariah’s first concert since the COVID-19 pandemic. She referred to it as a “dress rehearsal” and “trial run.” Mariah was scheduled to perform four shows, including two in Toronto and two more at Madison Square Garden in New York.

All of this is leading up to the CBS premiere of “Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas to All,” which will air on Tuesday, December 20 at 8 p.m. ET, and may even feature Monroe Cannon’s stunning pipes for at least one beautifully special moment.

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