The talented and beautiful Sitara Vengapally, 11 years old, is turning heads in the pageant world. Having just won the coveted title of Miss Entrepreneur Multi-Talented Actress  2021—the youngest to ever win such a title—she’s now invited to participate in the Miss California Pageant in August. For many, this comes as no surprise, considering Sitara’s amazing gifts, but also because of her multi-talented entrepreneur mother: Instagram influencer, Meeta Vengapally.

Not only is Sitara a pageant stunner, she’s also an actress, Top Video Creator on YouTube, Instagram TV personality, and also shares an engaging Instagram page at, where she exciting highlights fashions and trends for girls her age. Like her mother, she samples products that the pre-teen demographic finds appealing, and her sparkling smile wins hearts instantly.

Although she would never be one to boast, Sitara was the only contestant in the Miss Entrepreneur Pageant who was fully sponsored, receiving more than five custom gowns for the occasion, sent to her from designers all over the world. This outpouring of support comes as no surprise, because there’s something about Sitara’s beauty and style that is global, universal, and overall, fresh and on-trend. Not only were the gowns pageant favorites, but the custom jewelry added to the marvelous effect, as well as other accessories, hair and makeup perfection, and the overall grace and poise that she brought to the competition.

What makes Sitara unique is that none of this success was handed to her on a silver platter. From a young age, she always expressed her desire to make her own path in life, and not rely on her beauty and charm. She loves to explore the world, try new things, and engage an audience of young boys and girls with inspiring posts that any parent can agree is fun, wholesome content that inspires kids of any age!

Being a multi-talented kid means a lot these days. It’s not just about Instagram and glamour for Sitara. She believes in being smart, strong, healthy, and above all things, having a good, genuine heart that can lead her down a path to finding what makes her happy, while giving back to those around her. What’s more, she has a unique perspective on life. Being a young lady of color, Sitara hopes to reach those like her who might be considered different, but in truth, they hold the key for future generations to embrace diversity, challenge gender norms, and also know that the sky is truly the limit when a child sets their heart and mind to something bigger than themselves.

We’re so excited to see where this wonderful, talented girl will go next! When asked about her success and what she hopes for the future, it is apparent that Sitara is truly living in the moment and seeing where the world will take her, while also being focused on the causes that are nearest and dearest to her heart. We can all cheer on such a young lady, because her enthusiasm and desire to embrace the world know no bounds. Keep going, Sitara Vengapally!

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