“Actors don’t understand the business of acting” – Wendy Alane Wright.

A successful singer, former agent, and manager with clients on shows like “Modern Family,” “The Colony,” “Blackish,” “American Horror Story” and thousands of commercials and films. Furthermore, this powerhouse is behind the famous Hollywood Winners Circle Academy, a course created by Wendy to help aspiring actors and parents of kid actors to learn the ABC’s of showbiz, how to avoid pitfalls, and how to set oneself up for success. The course continues to be a huge hit in the industry recommended by casting directors, agents, and managers around the world. It continues to receive remarkable recognition for helping actors not only learn how to be marketable but also how to stand apart in the talent pool and how to successfully sell themselves in the industry.

A genuine desire to help actors succeed is Wendy’s motto. About 7 years ago, she started a YouTube channel called “Secrets Of A Hollywood Talent Manager”, the channel grew massively and gained a lot of traction. Wendy continued her mission on other platforms, she created a Facebook group called “Talent Managers For Actors” which now has a whopping 79000+ members. The group is moderated by vetted industry professionals like Casting Directors, Agents, Managers, and working/notable actors. The group which I’m part of offers a community where no question is too big or too small, offers mutual support, and a common goal to thrive for success. It is a solid community of positive minded individuals guiding one other.

Wendy Alane Wright, a mentor to many, an icon in the industry, and a woman with a selfless mission to help actors from failing. I highly recommend doing the HWC course if you are just getting started or even if you are a seasoned actor. It is a gift for pursuing a journey in showbiz.


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