In the ever-evolving landscape of the Indian two-wheeler market, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India has reaffirmed its commitment to expansion and innovation. Despite the challenges posed by the pre-health crisis era and the subsequent market dynamics, the Japanese auto major has embarked on a strategic journey towards enhancing its production capabilities and embracing electric mobility solutions.

According to a report, Honda recently increased the number of production lines at its Gujarat and Karnataka facilities in order to meet the growing demand for both electric and internal combustion engine (IC) two-wheelers. It also states that the Karnataka plant is scheduled to begin producing the first-ever Honda electric scooter by December 2024.

Honda is aiming for a double-digit growth rate that surpasses 15 percent in FY2024–25, with a strong emphasis on market expansion and growth. The brand is venturing into the electric vehicle market with the K4BA codenamed EV, which is a zero-emission scooter that is based on the Activa. It is anticipated that the Gujarat factory will add an extra 6.6 lakh units to its output with the installation of a third production line.

Production of electric vehicles is expected to start in the second half of this fiscal year after a dedicated manufacturing line is established. Honda is hoping to post a volume of over 5.75 million units in FY2024–25, which is expected to get close to its previous record of 5.9 million units back in FY2018–19. This is in line with the market recovery.

As per the report, Honda plans to introduce new products and updates in other segments and aim to join the growing electric two-wheeler market in India by the second half of this fiscal year, using the Activa-based EV. Customers have responded favorably to Honda’s recent Shine 100 introduction, and the company is planning to release more new motorcycles.

With an indigenous electric motor and battery production, Honda is presently developing two electric scooters for the Indian market. Battery systems with swappable and fixed components are taken into account.

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