As an upcoming artist it is hard to get things done in 2020. Most artists start out in the game with little to no manager involvement and are often forced to learn the ropes through trial and error. A music industry vet, Steve “Capo” Newland, has worked with some of the best and brightest music talents over the years. From working with platinum recording artist “Madeintyo” and his brother “24hrs” and Private Club Records, to “Christian Kuya” one of the top new artists rising out of Manila (Philippines), Newland has helped his share of artists make it to the next level, raising his credibility and interest with new artists for his management services and advice.

However flattering, its not really possible or ideal for one person to manage multiple artists at one time without the help of a full roster of agents, and support staff to support the talent. Newland, who is asked daily to become part of management from artists around the world, due to his experience and resume, but often he respectfully declines. “Asking someone to be your manager is like asking them to literally adopt you” says Newland. Most of the time, it takes years to generate momentum for an artist to reach financial stability off of their music and shows, this is only after spending thousands and thousands of dollars marketing an artist to the masses. It takes about $250K-$500K dollars to bring a new artist to a social level of awareness in the music world. Asking someone you don’t know, or have never met, is a huge risk, and most artists would be better-served building with a close friend or family member who is passionate and ready to take on all challenges the industry has to offer.

Some of the best managers in the music business started with little to no experience but had to will and drive to learn the business and thru the process of trial and error, become great managers for their clients. At the end of the day, your manager is like your coach, you need one with passion and resourcefulness, not everyone can do that for a stranger they never met.

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