In the endearing romantic film “Sasivadane,” costarring Komalee, Rakshit Atluri makes a comeback after his critically acclaimed role in “Palasa 1978.” This project represents a major collaboration between AG Film Company and SVS Studios Pvt. Ltd. It was directed by Saimohan Ubbana and produced by Ahiteja Bellamkonda.

“Sasivadane” is scheduled for release globally on April 5th, 2024, but its alluring teaser, trailer, and songs have already created a lot of buzz. With captivating marketing campaigns, the creators are boosting the anticipation even more.

The recently released song “Godavari Atu Vaipo” enhances the suspense by exquisitely capturing the essence of romantic longing. The poignant lyrics of Kittu Vissapragada and the heartfelt music of Saravana Vasudevan combine to create a mesmerizing melody. The song is made alive by Anudeep Dev’s captivating vocals, which are backed by the chorus of Vasa Pavani, Lakshmi Meghana, Maneesha Padranki, and Rachita. The Godavari River’s scenic backdrop enhances the musical experience with visual poetry.

Saravana Vasudevan’s melancholic songs and Anudeep Dev’s engrossing background score arouse a variety of emotions and pull viewers into the narrative. The breathtaking shots by cinematographer Shrie SaiKumaar Daara beautifully depict the picturesque settings, elevating the visual appeal of the movie.

“Sasivadane” is set to be a charming film that will captivate viewers with its remarkable cast, which includes Rangasthalam Mahesh, Sriman, Jabardasth Bobby, Praveen Yandamuri, and Deepak Prince. The dialogues in the film are full of youthful romance.”Sasivadane” is destined to be a hit movie thanks to its gorgeous settings, captivating plot, and outstanding cast.

The film’s beautiful portrayal of the Godavari River, coupled with its heartwarming narrative, promises an enchanting experience for audiences worldwide.Rakshit Atluri is gearing up to showcase his prowess on the silver screen, taking on the challenging theme of fighting against the caste system. Movie lovers are waiting eagerly to enjoy the film on the big screen and find out how Rakshit Atluri entertained everyone with his intense and impactful performance in Sasivadane, a true romantic entertainer.

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