The 28-year-old entrepreneur shares a few real estate trends for 2021.

No matter how much ever we speak about how youngsters have been taking over the business industries, it always feels that much less is discussed about these success stories. It has become very essential today to hold more talk about successful journeys of people, including laying out their failures and mistakes as this inspires many others and motivates them to believe in their dreams. Ahmad Mahmud is amongst these youngsters who have been making a lot of buzz lately with his astute business decisions and strategies to excel at his business in real estate.

Ahmad Mahmud is a Palestinian and the one who came from Germany to move his base to Dubai. The UAE is where this youngster saw innumerable opportunities awaiting him to take him on a successful ride in business. Hence, as a growing businessman, he started exploring the business side of Dubai and thus started his journey into the real estate sector as he saw a constant boom in the industry. Not just real estate, Ahmad Mahmud also owns several barber shops in Dubai and constantly looks out for various other business opportunities that can help him further expand his empire as a young businessman.

Below are a few real estate trends for 2021 that Ahmad Mahmud believes will dominate the sector, even during these trying times in the world.

• Choosing distinctive amenities: All those people who are looking out for buying new homes, not only look for great locations but amazing amenities as well. Just as a serene ambience is important, the effective use of amenities in the property holds equal significance. Increase in the demand of tech-integrations and many other high-end technologies is what has been noticed in the current markets, says Ahmad Mahmud. All those things that make a home a smarter home is what buyers desire, especially the millennials.
• Increase in investments: Even amidst the pandemic, Ahmad Mahmud points out that there has been an upward trend in investments. This is because people have realized the value of properties and real estate and they wish to get great returns in the future; hence they are increasingly investing in properties and housing, for various purposes like renting, leasing or building a house.
• Selecting affordable homes: As there is an increasing demand seen in investments and real estate, buyers are more interested in selecting affordable homes to meet their home dreams. They are aware of the benefits of the same, which includes low GST rates, low-cost home loans, etc.

Ahmad Mahmud leaves no stone unturned to progress with each of his real estate projects and helps people come nearer their goals in buying their dream homes. To gain more information about him, his lifestyle and work, follow him on Instagram @knacki_dxb.

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