With professionalism, expertise, foresightedness, and integrity, he has emerged as a sought-after fund manager, financial entrepreneur, and educator

The world needs more leaders across industries who can show the path to greater innovation and purpose-driven strategies to bring about a wave of positive change in people’s lives & bank accounts. The financial sector, especially, is one that throughout these years has noticed incredible positive developments, like cryptocurrency, AI, and fintech. Oz Clement Knight is a visionary entrepreneur and expert who has adopted a modern-day approach recognizing that people will need guidance with all these developments. Through his brands and companies,  Oz Clement Knight, a veteran in the financial realm, a New York-based astute financial entrepreneur, educator, and more, embarked on the journey.

Oz Clement Knight emerges as a visionary known for redefining norms in the financial realm and opening doors for sustainable growth and innovation. Through his venture Capital companies, OHL Ventures Fund and Ozmarq Holdings Ltd., he embodies the true entrepreneurial spirit and the pursuit of value creation in finance.

OHL Ventures Fund is a private equity fund established as a Delaware series limited liability company under his leadership, established primarily for making venture capital and growth equity investments in early stage, developmental stage, and later stage private companies, & unicorn pre-IPOs including but not limited to companies engaged in social media, digital media, clean tech, artificial intelligence, fintech, real estate, and life sciences businesses.

Ozmarq Holdings Ltd. serves as the Manager of the fund that will establish various series of the fund for – making a separate and distinctive investment directly in a portfolio company/companies. The fund intends to create returns for Accredited investors by identifying and investing in what it considers to be leading-edge businesses that have the potential to make significant returns. Whether you are looking for pre-IPO companies that are highly sought after, or fixed high-yield alternative investments Oz Clement Knight will make it happen. Clement Knight highlights that Ozmarq Holdings Ltd. serves as a broader investment and holding company, overseeing the portfolio of assets, consultation relationship building, and overall day-to-day operations for growing OHL Ventures Fund.

Knight is committed to ethical investing, sustainability, and long-term value creation, principles that have guided the company’s investment decisions and operational philosophy. Through his venture funds, he redefines your typical investment strategies. Emerging as a trailblazer in innovation and value creation in finance OHL Ventures Fund has been growing in great strides behind his leadership.

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