Latina Entrepreneur nail tech known for doing Karol G and other Latin stars turns 30. She
has been in the industry for awhile now. She has changed the game of the nail world with
her crazy styles seen on her Instagram ( @samy.nails )

The eccentric nail trend will never go out of style because it’s a form of stealing the
spotlight, says Samy Nails founder Samantha Ramirez. “All these extra long nails,
designs and patterns are used in the entertainment industry because it’s a way that the
nails can be a protagonist and attract a lot of attention.

In her four-year career as a professional manicurist, Ramirez has also worked with other
celebrities, including Mexican TV personality Gomita. “Becky G started following me on
Instagram but we haven’t worked together yet,” she notes.

On her website she has many products like mixed glitters, mix powders and everything
you need to start your nail tech journey. She is working on adding more to her website
coming really soon she tells us.

She has so much collaborations coming and other products dropping on her website.
Samy isn’t planning on stopping. She says the future is bright like my nails”.

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