With time we get bored of old music and search for new melodies. Although there are hundreds of musicians with great music, if you are a hip hop fan and searching for new beats we recommend a new but great artist Huggin’ Money Keem.

Many of you may have heard the name the first time. Those who already know him know that the man has lyrical power. This is why Shurod Brown, the owner of Heaven Sent Entertainment when discovered about him made the contract immediately with him.

About Huggin’ Money Keem

Shakeem Jones aka Huggin’ Money Keem is a versatile singer with the power of songwriting, music composing, and hip-hop beats. Till now he has released more than 20 songs. All of his songs are available on online music platforms such as Spotify with thousands of plays and likes. Now the recent song The Players Club (Diamond) is setting a new record.

Moreover, the man is well known for his alluring dressing style. When he opened his clothing brand Huggin’ Money Apparel, it received thousands of buyers. Today many worldwide trendsetters wear Keem’s brand.        

Huggin’ Money Keem Early Life

Although he currently lives in Knoxville, TN, Keem was born and brought up in New York with two sisters and 3 brothers.

The tragedy is Keem was the only one of his siblings with a different biological father. It’s a tragedy because his stepfather was a ruthless person at home. There was no escape for Keem as his step-father was one of the highly respected hustlers in the hometown. He couldn’t run but had to survive there.

In some years, Keem found a way to escape (not physically but mentally) through his first love music. The love grew when he listened to hip hop and R&B music. He was really moved by the beats; made some of them which gave him the confidence to sing. Soon he became a lead singer of the church choir and traveled the country to sing.

Getting inspired by many great names of that time of the hip hop industry such as Easy E, Kool Moe D, LL Cool J, and Ice Cube, Keem wrote his first song in grade 5. Gradually he became famous for writing beautiful rhythmic lyrics among his community and wrote many songs for his family and friends. This much demand made him skilled in writing songs at a young age and let him polish his singing as he made a lot of mixtapes. Keem decided that this is what he’s going to do for his career.

In 2004, one of his friends took one of his mixtapes to the CEO of Heaven Sent Entertainment Shurod Brown. Shurod said that he loved the lyrics consisting of all three: modesty, gentleness, and thirst in Keem songs and called him immediately. It was Keem’s first partnership. There he worked alongside celebs like Brown, Curtis aka Fifty, and Ray Dejon.

In the next four years, from 2006 to 2010, Keem traveled the country to perform for the Funk Master Flex Custom Car Shows. In this era, he worked with great artists like Lupe Fiasco, Busta Rhymes, Trey Songz, P.Dippy, and many more.

In 2013, Keem decided to run an independent recording company. Hence, he created Dub Fam Entertainment which was later named Huggin’ Money Inc.      

Final Words

Keem is a strong, determined, and hard-working person who is, besides following his passion, doing everything to provide his 11-year-old son, his mother, and his sisters with the best. The news is he is going to release many more songs and is planning to perform at big events soon. Stay tuned to learn more about him. Till then enjoy his new song.  

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