Aryaan Arora, is an American born actor who made his on-screen debut on one of the biggest Hollywood Television broadcasting companies, “ABC” (a flagship property of Walt Disney Television).

The triple threat first broke the internet with his season premiere episode of ABC’s “What Would You Do” which premiered on YouTube and went viral, getting a whopping 8.8 millions views and counting.

He is now going viral all over again on social media, transforming into an internet sensation. His musical renditions of popular Bollywood soundtracks have gotten millions of views and his fans are going crazy to see what’s next.

In fact, Armaan Malik himself recently tweeted about Aryaan in regards to his cover of Armaan’s new English debut single “Control”.

He wrote: “Always wanted young Indian musicians like me to pick up the guitar & do their own thing. Check out this cover of #Control by @_aryaanarora! You have a really nice vibe brother, keep it going”

This was followed by many more of his videos going viral on the internet, getting shared by many famous celebrities within the music industry such as Arjun and Zack Knight.

Aryaan Arora, is currently studying at the prestigious NYU Tisch School of the Arts where he is getting his formal training in acting and film-making.

In a recent article on Forbes, Aryaan talked about how his family had a big impact on his life and career.

He said: “There is only one reason for the man that I am today and that is because of my two mothers, my mom and nani. They always made sure that I stayed true to myself as a compassionate human being. They were the ones who supported me for everything and always gave me unconditional love for which I know I didn’t deserve even a fraction of. When everyone left, they stood by me. When everyone said no, they said yes. I am nothing without them. I owe everything to them.”

Aryaan has officially signed with Prestige Management Group in New York, that represents him for his Film, Television, and Commercial projects.

Prestige Management Group is one of New York’s most prestigious and well known talent management companies. Going on over 10 years Prestige has worked on Film, Television and Theater projects – developing their talent and booking guest star roles, Broadway shows, feature films and national commercials.

He is currently working on his debut album and looks forward to releasing it very soon. In addition to that he will continue to post his covers weekly on social media for his fans.

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