Meet Samuel D. Hayslett, the music producer, crypto investor, finance and real estate expert, and now movie producer. Samuel also goes under the moniker Danny Warbuckz on his social medias, and is currently is the process of releasing his debut film, “The Black Experiment.” The film is set to be released this upcoming 2023.

Danny Warbuckz has high hopes of impacting the culture worldwide with the release of, The Black Experiment, as it’s overall a very emotional film when it comes to guiding the youth towards the right path. Although it may be a lot of work, energy and passion to keep these teens on the straight and narrow, the adults in this movie are persistent when it comes to making sure they become productive people within society. This is very relatable because it’s easier than ever for children to fall into a life of crime, especially without any mature role models guiding them. NFTs are also available for purchase to go with the film. This is mainly for people who support the film on a high level, and would like a piece of digital art to show their dedication. Definitely make sure to check out this film when it is released.

Danny Warbuckz is currently making big moves when it comes to his investments. Whether it be music, finance or film, he’s definitely one to put his entire focus on the project until it is executed. Make sure to follow Danny Warbuckz on all social media platforms @dannywarbuckz in order to keep up with all information or future releases by this new age businessman.



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