When Octavia Spencer received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday, she was accompanied by an old friend.

Spencer, who was born in Montgomery, became famous for her work in movies, winning an Oscar in 2012 for best supporting actress.

Aubie, the mascot of Auburn University, attended the ceremony with Spencer, a supporter and graduate of Auburn.

Since the first 1,558 stars were added to the Walk of Fame in 1961, there have been 2,742 stars added to it.

Spencer was also nominated for the Oscar for best supporting actress in 2017 and 2018 for her roles as mathematician Dorothy Vaughan and a cleaning woman in a secret government laboratory in “The Shape of Water.”

Will Farrell, who co-stars in Apple TV+’s “Vivacious,” melodic parody re-recounting “A holiday song,” was close by for the function.

Spencer was the first Black actress to receive consecutive Oscar nominations. She is second among Black actresses with three nominations, behind Viola Davis, a castmate of Spencer’s in “The Help.”

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