Diversity coaching is one way HR professionals or Cross-Cultural trainers can utilize when interacting with management to develop their diverse mindset capability. The inclusive diversity coaching model, as outlined below, is an easy yet effective framework for structuring executive coaching sessions for people to help them resolve the tensions which have resulted from discrepancies and diversity in their previous employment settings.

It has also been proven that employees who have undergone diversity coaching and diversity management training tend to be more satisfied with their jobs and more committed to achieving company goals and missions. This also leads to a marked increase in productivity. This diversity coaching program is an innovative approach to diversity management training and was first initiated by a white-collar law firm.

Increase Positive Attitude:

The diversity coaching model is very similar to the positive behavioral interventions. Employees are trained on how to modify their behaviors that may be deemed stereotypical or discriminatory, thereby changing their negative outlook and increasing their positive attitudes. The training covers a wide array of topics such as workplace harassment and other micro-aggressions, cultural diversity perceptions, leadership styles and diversity beliefs.

The diversity coaching training models cover diverse topics such as unconscious biases, bias specific to race, age, gender, disability, orientation, or religion. It helps people develop new and improved behaviors that can change the perception of others in the workplace. The diversity training is broken down into four main components. These include understanding diversity, creating a positive workplace culture, implementing diversity policies, and developing diverse employees.

Diversity Training Programs:

Companies can take advantage of diversity training programs to adjust their overall diversity policies. Companies should be willing to hire a diversity coach to assist them with the implementation of diversity programs according to their business needs. An important part of the diversity training programs involves creating an inclusive and supportive work environment that encourages positive behavioral change. This will help employees feel comfortable to voice their opinions and converse with co-workers without being worried about offending somebody. Creating an environment that is open, tolerant, and supportive can significantly improve the work performance of the company and employees.

Improve Communication Skills:

Sayed Sayedy (Coach, Mediator, Trainer) diversity coaching services focus on improving communication skills and improving verbal and non-verbal communication. These skills help individuals build a positive image within their respective industries or company. Diversity coaching helps people understand their skills and learn to maximize their strengths. The training provides effective ways to overcome barriers to development and success in an organization.

Employees should be trained in diversity coaching skills so that they can communicate effectively within their own company and with co-workers. Sayed Sayedy include exercises and tools to help participants improve their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. The skills provided by the coaching can help individuals express themselves better so that they do not offend anyone in the process of trying to open up and share their opinions with others.


If you want your workplace to be more diverse, then you need to consider hiring a diversity coach. An effective diversity coaching program can benefit your company by increasing workplace diversity, enhancing workplace behavior, encouraging open communication, promoting a good diversity policy and learning how to create an inclusive culture. Through diversity training and digital coaching, you can easily learn new skills, gain new perspectives and develop your company’s diversity policy. The diversity training will include everything from classroom discussion to hands-on activities and you will learn a diversity training course that can last up to eight weeks.

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