Warner Bros. has invested years attempting to deal with a big movie adaptation of one of the greatest names in gaming: Minecraft. A year ago plans were scuppered when Rob McElhenney departed the project—but now an intriguing choice has stepped up to both compose and direct.

Variety reports that Peter Sollett—best known for comedy dramas Raising Victor Vargas and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist—has been tapped to both compose and direct the Minecraft film, with the game’s original studio Mojang still on board to create. The film will apparently follow a young girl and a gang of her friends, as they go out exploring the blocky Overworld of their Minecraft presence to mine, craft, and fight a giant Elder Dragon threatening to burn all that they need to either mine or craft to cinders. It’s…what you’d expect out of a narrative-driven take on the beloved sandbox game, truly.

It’s still sort of wild that it’s taken this long to get Minecraft off the ground; while its impact is still wide-reaching, it’s not difficult to consider it to be past the true apex of its popularity, in a period where Fortnite (which itself has Minecraft-ian building components, obviously) has come to dominate the “what the kids are up to these days” discourse. Yet at the same time, presently that Sollett is ready, at least the angular wheels of the Minecraft movie minecart can begin turning once more, and this film can actually maybe happen at some point.

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