BlickyStix is a popular gaming content creator on TikTok who has been able to learn and adapt to the TikTok platform and grow a massive audience. He’s been able to connect with his audience and create a following that he is able to bring with him anywhere. Stix was generous enough to share 3 tips on how to grow a TikTok account using strategic methods that will help creators of all niches trying to grow on TikTok and even creators just starting out.

Tip 1: Be Consistent

The first tip that BlickyStix talked about was the importance of consistency.

“Post every day to let the algorithm know you’re serious. Consistency is key just like everything else in life. I know it might seem hard because the average person isn’t making 1 piece of content a day, but just like everything, you gotta get the reps in. The first week might not be great but don’t beat yourself up over it. There are even days that I might not post on Tik Tok but you gotta stay as consistent as possible”

Stix uses consistency to stay ahead on the algorithm, it’s key especially when starting a new account.

Tip 2: Be Creative

The second tip Stix had for us works especially for other streamers because when trying to make content on TikTok it is insanely vital to learn how to edit even though it seems boring.

“Be creative with your content and learn how to edit, specifically on Adobe. 

It’s really easy I used to always say “I need an editor I need an editor,”

And as humans, our minds like to seek comfort and take the easy route. In this case, it was way easier for me to sit there and tell myself that I need an editor to produce content rather than putting myself through the discomfort of having to sit there and put in the hours to learn how to edit.” Many people like to make up every excuse in the book not to get to their goals. It is important to just take the initiative to actually create and even craft the skill of editing to make the content better.

Tip 3: Follow Trends:

The third and final tip Blickystix had was focused on the importance of trends in the TikTok world. Blicky says, “doing trends and using trending sounds is very important on TikTok. 

It helps with boosting your posts and giving you more of a probability of a video going viral or just getting more engagement in general. You could also use trending sounds with original content. Most trends have a trending sound attached to them but you don’t have to use the trend in order to use the trending sound, you can. TikTok is a huge ecosystem of trends and taking advantage of the virality of these trends will absolutely take an account to the next level and boost the chance for it to go viral on TikTok. Another thing Stix noted was, 

“Trends are good because it’s easy, the content is basically made for you. Coming up with content is hard so you just have to fill in the blanks when executing a trend. 

What I like to do when looking for trends is not just looking for trends in your niche but looking at trends in general and forming them for your niche. practicing these techniques is very important especially for new accounts starting at the bottom.”

BlickyStix has learned an immense amount about the TikTok platform in doing so being able to help others grow as well. Although he mentions this is just a small piece of knowledge, these are tips that are some of the most important actions to take when growing your TikTok account so you don’t get left behind. Do not take these tips lightly as they are extremely essential.

BlickStix is a genius in the making and has learned a vast amount of knowledge about TikTok and how to leverage it to grow on other platforms like Facebook Gaming. 

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