Miami-based hip-hop artist Brenxnrg has been making waves with his unique trap style. Motivated by money, the independent artist has been on a run, racking up over 100,000 streams in 2021 alone. “My greatest inspiration for my music is to show people my hustle,” said, Brenxnrg. “I constantly dream about being a superstar, and it’s not only that I want to show the world what I can do with music, but I also want to give back and put people on, I want to change lives. I have to say that dream and my family are my biggest inspiration.”

Brenxnrg’s unique style couldn’t be more evident than on his track “Only Friends”. Lasting just over one and a half minutes in length, the single showcases hard bars, deep 808s, and a catchy hook. The song hits the feels as he talks about only wanting to be friends with the women he meets.

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