OGF Slick, the true definition of multi-tasking, has so much to explore within him. From starting his career as a rapper to running a clothing brand and investing in real estate, he has become a source of inspiration for everyone- children and adults alike. The young star has made his name in both the music industry and fashion industry with his multi-tasking skills and has managed all his three careers very well. OGF grew up in Baltimore, Maryland.

His Clothing Brand: 

OGF has made the world believe that age is just the number, your right, and thinking skills can take you a long way in your early teens too. He started his clothing brand as early as the age of 14. From the brand’s name to the designing of the clothes, everything is perfectly handled. His brand name is “Gifted Misfit” and which goes by the motto,” Somebody who is different from others”. OGF believes everyone is different in their way, likewise, he is different from others too which made him call his brand “Gifted Misfit”.

Throughout his journey, he hopes and works to be one of the most successful fashion designers. No doubt he is a super-genius who has a good sense of styling and is set to bring new ideas in line with his brand motto. His brand is an embodiment of his dedication and consistency and also is a lesson for others that dedication and consistency are the keys to success in one’s life. That’s what most of his designs say and people love his brand and wear them.

OGF as a Rapper:

The young entrepreneur is also a music artist mostly focused on the hip-hop genre. He has released some of the cool rap songs that are appreciated by his fans. This is why his audience wants him to release a new song and OGF is set to release a new one soon. OGF has collaborated with LorTyeDaBeast in his upcoming song. He already has worked with the same artist and people know how good they go together. The track is named “Run It Up” and will be released in the same year. He has been working individually as a musical artist till now.

OGF’s Investment in Real Estate:

OGF Slick knows how to perform multiple things at a time as the young star has also worked hard to build his real estate company. He is a realtor investor managing his company called “Noah Ark Investments”. The company teaches how to invest money wisely so that it benefits the people who want to invest their money in the real estate business. Meanwhile, the company itself has invested all its holdings in properties and real estate. OGF has reached out to other real estate agents and investors through social media which makes it easy for him and others to communicate and invest in the right place.


 “You can achieve a great deal when you are young,” there is nothing more appropriate than this quote that goes completely with his personality. Artists and entrepreneurs like him are rare who not only are multi-talented but also have achieved so much at such an early age. You must follow him on Instagram, @ogf_slick to get yourself updated about his new clothes, songs, and investments.

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