Tiempo Zero was a Mexican musical band born in 2011 in the Federal District, now Mexico City. They performed original music including latin rock and pop with alternative electronic sounds.

The members of the band came from different Latin American countries. Ronald Furet and Felipe Suil from Chile, Camila Militello from Argentina, and Jonathan Flores and Iván Flores from Mexico. Ronald sang and played the bass, Felipe played electric guitar, Camila played acoustic guitar, Iván played drums and Jonathan played keyboards.

The band performed on various stages in Mexico seducing hundreds of spectators with the great energy and charisma displayed in their live shows.

His best-known song is called The Game of Lies, and it was published in 2011 on his self-titled album. The following year, in 2012, they published the video of The Game of Lies, available on YouTube

With their music they managed to captivate followers of different ages, crossing musical, cultural and social barriers.

To know more about Tiempo Zero and his music, you can find it directly on his website https://www.tiempozero.com, or specifically on any of their social networks:

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