As a child, Melina Taj became interested in make-up and the process of beautifying herself and others. Taj worked as a professional make-up artist for many years. As she grew older, she realized she wanted to teach. She transformed her passion for make-up into something she could share with her followers, using step-by-step guidelines. Taj finds the artistry behind make-up to be something beautiful, and she enjoys creating new looks and styles. 

Taj achieved the ultimate level of fame when she became the most influential Iranian beauty influencer. After earning that recognition, she was invited to give a talk on beauty marketing at the first Iranian Beauty Conference. During her presentation, Taj recollected her rise to fame and some of her make-up styles and secrets. Her true passion for make-up became apparent in her speech, and her bubbly persona enchanted all who were present. “I was excited and anxious when I was invited to talk about beauty marketing at Iran’s first beauty conference. It was a turning point, and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my knowledge, advice, and skills with the audience.”Taj has come a long way and is one of the leading beauty influencers on Instagram with more than 1 million followers. 

Taj currently works in the field of make-up as a leading beauty influencer while also offering her services as a make-up artist and make-up creator on both Instagram and YouTube. Using her passion for make-up, Taj also started her YouTube channel, where she is gradually building a stellar audience. Taj strives to develop her relationship with her followers online. Her tutorials, charismatic persona, and ability to connect with her audience have catapulted her into fame on Instagram and beyond.

Taj also held an extensive beauty master class outside of Iran in Istanbul, Turkey. Her master class attracted many prominent sponsors, including Huda Beauty, Victoria’s Secret, Benefit, Clarins, NYX Cosmetics, and Tart Cosmetics. They also invited Taj to work with them. Melina Taj has come a long way and is working diligently on expanding her reach further as she explores new avenues.

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