“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.” –

Craig Davis

The above quote is very true, as, gone is the time when you try to pitch a product to consumers and try to make them like it. In today’s time, if you can pitch and relate your products to the needs, likes, and emotions of the consumers, then only you’d be a good marketer.

With growing technologies, consumers and brands these days are spending more than ever before, both for their relative needs and, with the digitalization of almost everything, a digital marketer is a bridge between these two. The brands produce products and services, the consumers are the needy ones and a digital marketer is the one that depicts a marketing plan and produces content for marketing to relate products to the targeted audience and their needs. Talking about the same, Himanshu Goyal, a new-age digital marketer has set his foot in the field of digital marketing very well!

Himanshu Goyal, hailing from the city of Indore of Madhya Pradesh, India, is a young digital marketer who stepped onto this field at a very young age. He has completed his schooling and is currently pursuing BCA from PIMR Indore. Himanshu got to know about social media during his school days and since then he developed a huge interest in that. He started managing some big accounts and eventually got the idea to start something of his own. He started working on his venture of social media marketing and management and grew a huge base of millions of followers in no time with his persistent application of skills and experience.

When Himanshu started his digital journey, everything was new for him. He faced many challenges on both professional as well as personal levels but he never gave up on his vision and dreams and kept on working, and now he has a big name in the marketing field because of his timely experience and creative approach. Himanshu has always been very artistic and has a huge interest in musical instruments, especially casio. Due to his artistic and creative nature, he developed strategies to build a fool-proof marketing plan for different brands that went on to become huge successes. He has great communication skills and a huge network of influencers and brands. His clientele always relies upon him due to his nature as well as his professionalism.

Himanshu says, ” A person tends to quit only when his vision is a blur and he has no belief in his dreams but, I never stopped believing and hence here I am, successfully running a profitable marketing agency “.

Budding digital marketers can learn a lot from Himanshu’s journey and mindset because, as it is said, an entrepreneur isn’t born, but is developed and created with time and never-ending experiences!

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