What sets Hillstone Partners apart from other investment firms?

With our new products – “Fundy” and “Investors” – we want to leverage blockchain technology in a way that allows people to more easily invest in Korean opportunities. Suppose you want to invest in one of the local financial institutions in Korea. If you want to send dollars to them, there are a lot of regulations and laws that limit transactions. Blockchain is a method for investing that doesn’t have limitations on it like traditional currencies. Hillstone is the first to try to merge blockchain with traditional finance. We’re on the cutting edge of this technology.

What’s something about Hillstone Partners that you’re proud of?

I’m proud of our team of innovators at Hillstone Partners. The strength of our organization is based on the people I get to work with every day. There were some doubters on the team when I first proposed taking Hillstone in this new direction. Blockchain technology can be intimidating for people who don’t understand it. Everyone on the team now is 100% invested in making the technology work for our investors. It’s exciting to go to work every day and see what a difference our team makes.

What exciting projects are on the horizon for you?

I’m so excited about our new platforms – “Fundy” and “Investors” – which are launching worldwide this September. These platforms will merge traditional finance and investing with blockchain. No one is doing that! “Investors” allows global investors to connect with Korean business opportunities in a way that they never could have imagined. I’ve always believed that the final purpose of technology is to make life better for people, and we want people to invest in a new paradigm.

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