How you found your target audience ?

I love to talk and share the online activity that has allowed me to turn my life upside down completely. I love to influence with my life experience and my enthusiasm other women who are looking for a way to feel more professionally fulfilled and more self-confident. I love teaching how to use social media to communicate, value who we are and what we have to say, why not, make it a source of extra income, and be very stable and profitable for our family and us. I love talking to other women and mothers like me, who like social media, especially Instagram, but do not know its true potential because it is not true that only influencers and bloggers on this platform earn!

What’s the best platform to use?

My great passion is Instagram; when I realized that there was room for everyone and not just for VIPs and Influencers, I threw myself into it and made it my office.

Facebook is also a perfect platform, much more straightforward and aimed at the comparison, discussion and sharing.

For me, however, a true professional cannot miss a site or a blog and a YouTube channel, the most important and professional tools if you want to work online.

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