Youssef Taha is a Moroccan fashion model who, for the time being, is pursuing it alone. He began modeling in late 2018, on his first-ever real modeling job being with SikSilk during late 2019. He is well recognized for his borderless SikSilk campaigns, countless magazine covers, and sleek personal style.

During Lock Down

Since then, Youssef Taha, a male model, has done further modeling promotions for various foreign labels. And during COVID-19 Lockdown throughout early 2020, Youssef Taha started to gain visibility on Instagram, attracting the attention of multiple agencies from all over the world, while the remainder of the models on the platform lowered with content and development.

About Youssef TAHA

Youssef TAHA, an international influencer & model, is a multi-talented individual. His vision and aspirations, though he is based in Morocco, are not exclusive to his homeland. He has defied societal expectations, accomplished the unthinkable, and established himself as an entrepreneur at 24.

His Activities

He has extensive brand partnerships as a model and promotes lifestyle labels such as Siksilk and FreshHoods. His modeling career is just getting off for him. Meanwhile, his influence as a leader continues to grow. Youssef’s audience should anticipate Youssef’s own apparel company to travel in the immediate future when he has over 190,000 Instagram followers and counting.

His professional experience renders him much more attractive to the world’s most prominent marketers and businesses because he possesses elegance and intelligence. Youssef is a highly trained auditor who earned a master’s degree in audit and financial accounting from Agadir, Morocco’s prestigious “National School of Commerce and Management — ENCG.”

Much of the planet came to a halt during these turbulent days, but Youssef refused to let “what ifs” deter him from achieving his objectives. Despite the challenges, his motivation and business decisions stayed unwavering. Youssef’s inspiration comes from inside, and he is dedicated to realizing his goal of owning a modeling agency and developing his name.

He has risen tremendously in the last year, and he will proceed to usher in a new era in the design industry on a global scale.

Being a male model is considered an unusual vocation in Morocco. Such schooling instills a specific enterprise-oriented aspiration & commitment to breaking down conventional societal barriers. Youssef, an aspiring solopreneur, is no stranger to coming up with novel solutions to problems.

As a self-made model, he understands the value of perseverance. Youssef took advantage of the Moroccans’ lockdown restrictions to meditate, prepare, and start his day much sooner than usual, networking and introducing his designs to the fashion industry worldwide.

If the rest of the world came to a stop in 2020, Youssef refused to let “what ifs” deter him from achieving his goals. Youssef insists that inspiration comes from the inside, and he is determined to pursue his dream of owning a modeling agency and creating his line.

He rose tremendously in 2020, and he will proceed to usher in a new era in the design industry on a global scale in the coming year.

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