James Lipton, whose genuine interviews with high-profile stars “Inside the Actors Studio” for over 20 years made him a notable pop-culture figure, has died at 93 years old.

Updates on his death were affirmed by Ovation TV, which as of now airs “Inside the Actors Studio” after a long run on Bravo.

Lipton established the TV program in 1994, directing one-on-one conversations with actors before crowds of students as a collaborative effort between the Actors Studio and the New School. He became dean of the Actors Studio Drama School, which offered degrees in acting.

The high-minded showcase of the acting craft pulled in a’s who of Hollywood throughout the years, including Paul Newman, Barbra Streisand, Meryl Streep, Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, and Anthony Hopkins. The Los Angeles Times called him “the interviewer who could book pretty much everybody.”

The nature of Lipton’s baritone voice and the studios’ discussion likewise made the program a ripe object for parody. Will Ferrell acquainted Lipton with an alternate crowd by impersonating him on “Saturday Night Live,” and the prevalence of “Inside the Actors Studio” prompted appearances in different series, including “Arrested Development” and the animated “Family Guy.”

Born in Detroit, Lipton eventually moved to New York to seek after a career as a performer, showing up in plays and soap operas. He joined the cast of the soap “The Guiding Light” in 1952 and later became an author on the series.

Lipton proceeded to write for different soaps – serving as a head author for a few, including “Another World” – and wrote and produced for Broadway. In the late 1970s, he started producing TV specials, including a few that highlighted comedy legend, Bob Hope.

He was most popular, be that as it may, for “Inside the Actors Studio,” which proceeded on Bravo into 2018, preceding segueing to Ovation TV, with Lipton moving to one side, and the program employing rotating hosts. (The Actors School is presently partnered with Pace University.)

The TV show was nominated for 20 Emmys during Lipton’s run. The Actors Studio was initially established by director Elia Kazan as a workshop for artists.

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