On Friday, ABOUT INSIDER shared a video that featured some unknown facts about the Editor-in-Chief and Co-owner of Power Sportz, Ms. Kanthi D Suresh. The video is trending quite a lot now, as the fans are finding the video very interesting.

The Editor-in-Chief of Power Sportz has something unique about her personality that not only makes her trend across all online and offline platforms, but also makes her stand out. 

Ever since she has incepted Power Sportz, she has always been busy digging issues, be it disclosing match-fixing or questioning important Politicians about their knowledge in the field of sports. She is always ready to come up with truth that may be bitter to many, but hardly has she hesitated to disclose realities that makes her interesting to many

There are several such reasons that made Ms. Kanthi stand firm in the male-dominated vertical of journalism. None of her programs gives an indication that she could be scared of anybody or anything. 

But, the fact is, she is scared of something!!! 

Watch the video to know more what Kanthi D Suresh is scared off!!! 

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