It might appear to be difficult to believe however Richmond is the focus of a new Netflix film.

The film “All the Bright Places” debuted today, and it depends on creator Jennifer Niven’s secondary school years in Richmond.

The film is around two secondary school students who spare one another and discover youthful love while going to Bartlett High School. The film was shot in Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio on account of better tax incentives yet it despite everything has a few scenes from the city where she grew up.

Hoosier Hill, which remains at 1,257 feet is as yet the highest point in Wayne County and the whole province of Indiana, have a major influence.

“The two stars come here. They fall in love,” Jim Resh, the logistics coordinator for the Richmond Convention and Tourism Bureau. “They stand on this rock and they jump off the mountain. Well, this isn’t a mountain. It’s a stone. So they could stand and jump off the stone then they visit all the bright places in Indiana.”

The Richmond High School Belltower has a major impact in the book, however, the meeting scene in the film is really at Main Street Bridge.

Katherine Freeman is currently a sophomore at the same secondary school Niven joined in.

“When I was reading the book I would imagine the characters sitting at my lunch table. I can imagine all the places easily instead of making them up,” she said.

She spoke with Niven before the film release.

“I texted her a couple of times and told her I got my friend to read the book, so we could watch the movie together when it came out and we kind of texted on and off a couple of times,” she said.

Freeman said she’ll likely watch the film this evening.

Niven graduated from Richmond High in 1986. All the Bright Places is her 10th novel. She has returned home to Richmond on various events.

“She lives in Georgia now but spends most of her time in LA, too, or when she visits Indiana which is what we like,” Resh said

They sell Niven’s books at the Welcome Center in Richmond.

Fifteen-year-old Freeman is positively anxious to see the film, however, she additionally observes Niven as an inspiration.

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