Actor Rao Ramesh, who is versatile and experienced, is playing the lead role in his upcoming film Maruthi Nagar Subramanyam. The film’s first look poster was released today by the production team.

The creators introduced a QR code that allows the general public to independently unveil the first look poster in place of the traditional method. This is the first time in Tollywood that a movie poster is being released by the general public via a QR code, and it’s a creative method to involve the public in the poster unveiling.

The poster appears once the code has been scanned. It is estimated that the poster has been scanned and unveiled on mobile phones by at least 50,000 people, and possibly many more. Based on initial trends, over 50,000 people have started using the poser. The poster’s creators are thrilled that thousands of regular people are actively launching it.

Upon seeing the poster, Rao Ramesh’s Lungi avatar draws the viewer in right away. With Maruthi Nagar Subramanyam, the celebrated actor is expected to wow the audience with his exuberant manner and lively facial expression.

The entire filming of Maruthi Nagar Subramanyam, which is aimed to be an incredibly entertaining family film, is finished. With Rao Ramesh in a gorgeous avatar, this first look poster marks the beginning of the promotional campaign.

Under the banners of PBR Cinemas and Lokamaatre Cinematics, Lakshman Karya is the film’s director and Bujji Rayudu Pentyala and Mohan Karya are its producers.

Details of the film:

Maruthi Nagar Subramanyam film

Starring: Ankith Koyya, Ramya Pasupuleti, Harsha Vardhan, Ajay, Annapurnamma, Praveen, Rao Ramesh, and Indraja.

Direction, Screenplay, Dialogues, and Story: Lakshman Karya Produced by: Lokamatre Cinematics and PBR Cinemas. Producers: Mohan Karya and Bujji Rayudu Pentyala

Co-producers: Sri Hari Udayagiri and Siva Prasad Marla; line producer: Rushi Marla

Soundtrack: Kalyan Nayak

Photographer: MN Balreddy

Bonthala Nageswara Reddy, Editor

Suresh Bhimagani, director of art

The designer, Nishma Thakur

Gopal Adusumalli is the creative head of PBR Cinemas.

Lyrics by Chandra Bose, Bhaskara Bhatla, and Kalyan

Sound design for Chakravarthy by Venkatesh Kindhibavi

Ananth Kancherla is the publicity designer.

Pulagam Chinnarayana, PRO

Shyam Mandala is the codirector.

Harsha Vardhan is the chief associate director. Chitimireddy Satya Punganur, Swaroop Kodi, and PA Naidu Di from Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad comprise the direction team.

Surya Prakash, colorist

dubbed at Hyderabad’s Prasad Labs

Cinema Chronicle: Digital Expert

Venkata Ramana Gunti and Sharith Kenrakoto

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