When you are fixated on excelling, you become unstoppable”, is a candidly righteous quote repeatedly proven true by the elegant German supermodel Maren Tschinkel. A supermodel who has unfathomable procurements and has been acing the fashion orb, Maren is a fitness trainer, with a professional license that she attained at quite a young age. Extensive work out sessions, sports, and extreme discipline through which she has been influencing and leading her work environment.

With plenty of beauty pageants to her name, she bagged the Miss Earth Germany title in 2018 and represented Germany in one of the biggest Beautypagents in the world “Miss Earth“.  Expounding the significance of fitness and spreading awareness, she has been responsibly active on her media platforms chaperoning her fanbase to duly comprehend the significance of a fit lifestyle. Maren has represented many brands and agencies of the fashion world.

An eminent personality of the fashion arena, Maren has been in touch with the most renowned celebs, actors, and actresses of the US. With strengthened connections across the globe and majorly in the entertainment and fashion industry, Maren has been socially effective and active. She has been involved with sundry campaigns concerning major issues, regarding the mental and physical health and well-being, the welfare of women, with a stance against bullying, and a lot of others.

Not limiting herself to the entertainment industry of the States, she has been strongly in contact with others like Bollywood, where she has depicted her charisma and cognizance and has been involved with the over the top celebs and in campaigns and social initiatives as well.

Maren recently expanded her work arena by commencing her real estate venture as well. We appreciate her approach and her multi versed attitude.

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