According to the German entrepreneur, endurance, persuasiveness, creativity, and courage stand as the top skills to be a successful entrepreneur.

In a world that is so consumed and attracted to attaining overnight successes, all those people who despise any shortcuts and choose to take the long paths and create their success story from the ground up are the ones that go ahead in making it huge in their fields and also inspire the generation-next. Dennis Schwager is all about this and much more as a young German entrepreneur in the shisha industry. According to him, endurance, persuasiveness, creativity and courage are some of the top skills that help individuals become successful entrepreneurs and he serves as the best example of the same.

Dennis Schwager grew up as a boy from the small town in Germany named Ulm with big dreams in his eyes. Since he belonged to humble family background; he started working from a very early age. It took him great life experiences like working as a dishwasher and industrial mechanic to finally realize his true calling and work towards attaining his dreams and aspirations in life. Social media platforms were where he saw his heart hooked onto. With having a keen interest in water pipes from the very beginning, he decided to talk about hookah topics on his YouTube channel named Shisha Stabil with his friend in 2013.

The enormous success that his channel gained in no time with incredible views on his videos and subscriptions on his channel, he knew what he needed to do. Dennis Schwager then entered the vast world of entrepreneurship in 2015 with his own shisha firm Shisha Cloud. Shisha Cloud is a firm that is synonymous to success and has gained a growing client base, which has allowed the firm to go beyond one physical store in Ulm and expand to another store in Lindau, two franchise branches and now even an online store.

Ask him what is his favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur and the youngster replies saying that he is free and can do what he wants when he wants, where he is his own boss. Sharing a bit of advice to other rising entrepreneurs of the world, Dennis Schwager says that graduation is not proof of what one can do and people with a strong will and attitude can also go ahead on creating milestones in their fields.

Today, Dennis Schwager’s social media handles like Facebook and Instagram has attained thousands of followers and he is known as one of the top shisha entrepreneurs across the industry. Find out more about him and his firm by following them on Instagram @nednis_ and @shishacloud_official.

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