Rasmus Peter Kristensen deciphers the use of technology in the travel industry, and how it has changed the face of the travel sector.

Over the years, technology has become a crucial element in every sector. With the advent of technology, many sectors have had to upgrade their game to survive and flourish in the market. The same stands true for the travel sector, which has benefited a lot from technological advancements. Using the new technology to perfection is an art, mastered by a leading travel influencer, Rasmus Peter Kristensen.

Rasmus is a lifelong traveller and has become the go-to guy to get detailed information about any destinations throughout the world. He used technology along with his honesty and passion for travelling, to educate, inspire, and encourage more and more people to travel. Rasmus admits that the internet revolution has spurred people on to make adventurous travel plans with extreme ease.

Rasmus provides some points on how technology has changed the face of the travel industry:

 1. Digital World – With the whole world going digital, consumers got access to smartphones which has helped them in getting detailed reports and research of the travel destinations. Applications have emerged for consumers to plan and book trips to their favourite destinations.

 2. Competitive market – Due to technology, offline travel has reduced and the online travel market has soared. Rasmus believes that due to the options consumers get, in terms of booking, staying, and travelling, the industry has become more competitive, which has resulted in higher quality services.

 3. Social Media – Rasmus states that with newer technology, social media too grew, and has contributed immensely to the business of the industry. Developing personal repo and interacting with your customers helps in earning more revenue. Another benefit of social media is marketing; various marketing strategies can be deployed to engage and sell your services to potential clients.

Rasmus has himself become a leading travel influencer due to advent in technology and strongly believes that if a company can use technology to its benefit, then it will yield bigger and better results, in terms of branding, and revenue. Rasmus also has a page on Instagram called Resort, where he invites younger travellers to post their pictures of unexplored places for the 1.1 million followers (and growing). Rasmus Peter Kristensen’s usage of technology has made him a successful travel influencer.

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