Grown lady Annette Bening is in “Captain Marvel.” Does marriage to Warren Beatty prepared her for “Captain Marvel”?

“I learned from my kids. I took them into my confidence and had them explain it to me. My character did none of the smashing, trashing derring-do. I play Supreme Intelligence, the virtual chamber preparing her for battle who possesses all the intelligence for 1 million years.

“Really cool. I enjoyed it. Fabulous costumes built for me in what’s called the ‘specific alien’ look. I was stunned, delighted when they offered me this part.

“We shot at Edwards Air Force Base. I knew where I was going, but I was flown there in the middle of the night like on a secret mission. They told me that’s how they’d do it. It’s because I couldn’t go earlier. I was in New York at an Actors Fund benefit that honored my husband, so no way I could not have attended. After the event, they flew me to what’s described as ‘an undisclosed location.’”

She ever watch her old films?

“No. I’m seeing this one tonight, but we don’t sit home watching ourselves. If something comes up on TV, I’ll watch. And if anything of Warren’s is on, we’ll definitely watch.

“But you know what’s really great? I’m in New York. I love it. I love New York. I love being in New York. I’m opening April 22 in Broadway’s ‘All My Sons.’

“And you have to apply yourself to memorize those lines. Sit with the play, work on it, study every word. Knowing the words also teaches you where to walk, sit, stand. It all goes together. It’s imprinting on the brain.

“But best of all it’s being in New York. I love it.”

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