For his first role as a lead actor, Roshan Kanakala, the son of popular TV host Suma Kanakala, has carefully selected an engaging script. Directed by the accomplished Ravikanth Perepu, the film “Bubblegum” is creating a lot of excitement.

The young audience has responded favorably to the teaser and songs, building excitement as the film’s release date draws near. The theatrical trailer was recently unveiled by the makers.

With a message of discontent with his life’s circumstances and a resolve to regain his status and respect, the protagonist introduces the trailer. He withdraws from all relationships until he demonstrates his value after being betrayed by the girl he truly loved.

Renowned filmmaker Ravikanth Perepu displays his skill once more. The narrative is compelling and inspirational, and the director skillfully handles it to appeal to the Gen Z audience.

Technically speaking, the trailer looks promising thanks to Sricharan Pakala’s outstanding score and Suresh Ragutu’s outstanding cinematography. People Media Factory and Maheshwari Movies have very high production standards.

Expectations are raised for the film by the trailer, which promises an exciting fusion of romance and reverence. “Bubblegum” opens in theaters on December 29. Fans can expect an exciting cinematic experience.

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