ThiernoAbdou alias Shecky is creating a good buzz in the Rap Music World in Montreal Canada. Not all are born with a silver spoon in this world. Most of the people seen at the top in any industry work hard for their passion and get success in this world. The music industry is certainly not an exception. With names like ThiernoAbdou, we have such an example proving out to be true in this domain.

ThiernoAbdou is now a rap singer more known as Shecky. He hails from an African country called Senegal and has left no stone unturned to give his best to his audience. Shecky has come a long way in the industry to prove his worth. His inclination towards music particularly in Rap music made him choose his right direction making him Shecky from ThiernoAbdou. Thus opening his journey in a new place with new dynamism. Shecky used social media as an important platform to promote himself as a rap singer and it worked for him, giving him new opportunities.

Now, the young rap singer Shecky has a good presence on all the social networking sites attracting more and more people as his fans and followers. This helped him to gain huge followers on social media. Today, one can find his music albums and songs on all the possible music platforms and social media sites. Some of his songs and albums include Shecky – Billet, Shecky – Success,  Shecky – Dis-Leur, Shecky – Donne ca, Lala-Lala, Coup de Coeur, Zik2k20, From the Write Side of the Tracks, Donne ca, O.G, How Many Times, Shecky – Lettre a la republique, Shecky – Billet. and Shecky – Dis-Leur to name a few.

This speaks a lot about his presence in different places on the web landscape as a competent rap singer. You name any music platform and you can find his albums and rap songs on them. These include Apple Music, Napster, Amazon Prime, and Spotify. So far his journey in Rap music as a hip hop singer has been smooth. He has gained a substantial amount of buzz around his songs and music albums with an incredible amount of views on them. This speaks a lot about his gaining popularity in Montreal, Canada as a rap singer.

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