LAMIA is a unique talent who is creating sounds that are familiar yet set her apart from the rest.  Coming from the UK and Berlin, her influences have been many.  Finding her roots in low-fi soundscapes has been her foundation, with vocals that follow more of a rhythmic cinematic style.  A sound that has found itself amongst some of the most trended on all of social media.

Her debut EP SIMULACRA was self-produced, written and recorded in studios at renowned Funkhaus Berlin.  Her involvement is very heavy, as she has created each and every sound, emotion and feeling that comes from her music.  Leaving no stone unturned and providing a foundation for what she believes is the future of low-fi

LAMIA is inspired by PC music.  She uses influences that can be found in Arca and Clams Casino.  Huge atmospheric presentations to draw the listener in while providing an emotion that can often only be found in more sophisticated compositions.  Leaving the listener on the edge of their seat as they anticipate the next transition into a emotive sound-world, that is supported by her haunting vocals.

LAMIA has recently received support from BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing, KALTBLUT Magazine and Threads*Berlin. From early stages of LAMIA’s artistic output, she caught attention from CLASH Magazine as having a “clear DIY attitude” (2017) and BBC Introducing as “one of the best live performers we have ever had in session” (2018).


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