Here we are with the traveling veteran Mr. ZizoTravel, who knows about so many countries, places, food and cultures. We will ask him about those countries, places and food for also being healthy to keep traveling. This interview is specifically for our audience who like to travel so much and want to know about these specific things.

So, Mr. Zizotravel, first of all I wanna say congratulations as you were nominated on june 2021 by Fohr website as a top influencer for 2 brands. Tell me more about it ?

Yes I was super happy when they sent me the congratulation email and I heard this news .two of my posts on my instagram got the highest interaction and impression so I was the number one influencer for these brands in the USA and this made me super happy!

Okay! So, which are the most beautiful places you have visited so far? And which one is close to your heart?

Each place has its own charm I can;t choose one but Bali is the closest to my heart.

Which country’s people are most helpful?

All asian people in the asian countries are super helpful!

Which is the most economical country for food and hotels etc?

Thailand and vietnam.

Which one is the most expensive?

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

What food do you eat while traveling?

Always the local food . I love to try the new food always

Have you ever gotten sick while eating something unhealthy?

Many times lol.

How can we eat economically when we have less money for traveling and also we keep ourselves healthy?

Street food is always cheap and you can test the local food in that way too. We don;t need fancy restaurants.

Lastly, What fitness tips do you give to your followers and our audience about what food they should eat while traveling and which places do you prohibit to avoid going there?

Honestly I’m never on a diet when I travel but also I eat small portions but after my vacations I go back to gym and my healthy lifestyle.

Check out his Instagram account @Zizotravel.

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