Michigan Wolverines football drove Wisconsin by a score of 13-10 at halftime in Madison last week, however it seemed like the game was stopped. The Badgers had all the energy, having recently drove 63 yards in 15 seconds for a score with seven seconds left in the half.

The Maize and Blue were in for a battle in the subsequent half, and they were capable, with lead trainer Jim Harbaugh saying his group “didn’t flinch.” They snatched force back rapidly in the second from last quarter and second half overall, fleeing with an amazing, 38-17 triumph.

So how did the Wolverines pull together and assume responsibility for the game right out of the door in the subsequent half?

It was player-driven, Harbaugh said on the Inside Michigan Football Radio show with individual previous U-M All-American Jon Jansen. After the staff passed on the halftime changes they needed to utilize, Harbaugh accumulated the group to say a couple of words before they took ease off of the passage and onto the field.

“I called up the team, and before I could say anything, it turned into a roar,” Harbaugh said, reflecting on the moment. “I go, ‘OK, you guys are ready. Let’s go!’ I did not say a word. I called them up to say something to them, and it was like [I had to hold them back].”

That second is a microcosm of Michigan’s group. Harbaugh said he sees that mindset in his gathering consistently.

“The thing that’s ringing into my ears — these are guys you have to hold back,” he said. “You don’t have to talk them into stuff. They want to go; they want to have at it. They want to find out how good they can get. That’s how they approached practice today and every day.”

One more model happened after Monday’s training, when junior cautious end and group skipper Aidan Hutchinson shouted to his colleagues.

“Practice ended today, and Aidan Hutchinson said, ‘Everybody in the weight room in 10 minutes for the lift,'” Harbaugh said. “And he’s like, ‘In 10 minutes!’ And everybody was in there in 10 minutes after he said that. Pretty strong.”

The assurance from the pioneers and best players on the crew streams down to the remainder of the program, with Harbaugh refering to redshirt green bean outside linebacker David Ojabo’s offseason in which he prepared with Hutchinson consistently as one model. Ojabo scored 2.5 sacks against the Badgers and was named Co-Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week.

“That kind of leadership is contagious,” Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh has an engaged, driven and roused bunch. He’s had a few at Michigan, San Francisco, Stanford and San Diego, however this one may be at a more significant level than some other one he’s always instructed, possibly played for.

“The thing about this team that’s been really good to see — and I told our team this today — out of all the teams I’ve been around, this team really listens, they take instructions from the coaches,” Harbaugh said. “They can’t get enough; they eat it up. They listen to it, embrace it and go out and execute it as good as any team that I’ve ever been around.

“That’s how they practice, too, and let’s keep that going. There are so many things I admire about our players, and want to keep that going. How they play and how they practice and their approach to football, they really like it. A long way to go; a long row to hoe. We also told them that today.”

The following test up is at Nebraska this end of the week, and Harbaugh realizes his group is equipped for finishing the job.

“Going to Lincoln, haven’t been there, but studied and know it’s a heck of an environment for a football game,” Harbaugh said.

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